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The Method

Facttreker is a platform that places emphasis on logic and objective facts rather than argumentation. Argumentation is an exercise of persuasion with the use of facts but does not necessarily reveal truth. Argumentation often leads to a consensus or conclusion that has been sold to an individual or has convinced the observer.  We choose to use a logic based approach to reveal truth. In order to reveal the real truth, one must:

First, identify a PRIMISE. “A premise or premiss[a] is a true or false statement that helps form the body of an argument, which logically leads to a true or false conclusion.[1] A premise makes a declarative statement about its subject matter which enables a reader to either agree or disagree with the premise in question, and in doing so understand the logical assumptions of the argument.” Wikipedia

Second, reveal a set of FACTS to support the premise. These set of facts should be void of opinion. A fact is best when it is something that is without debate. Although many facts are subject to ambiguity, the best facts are things that have clear and definitive substance. Facts are things such as documents signed by people, statements made on video, objects such as weapons in a crime scene (factual evidence), and event or incident such as a car accident, arrest or any other action , links to websites in which the premise is directly connected or concerned. The closer to the source one can get, the more accurate the fact will become. Facts are NOT links to newspaper articles. Facts are NOT opinions from experts or humans. Although news articles and experts may possess facts that support a premise, without identifying the relevant facts in that article referenced or expert opinions, articles and opinions are of very little use and are mostly NOT facts.

Third, an OPINION is formed from the facts in support or in disagreement with the Premise. The opinion is not a fact. The opinion is the point of view of someone that is based on the collection of the facts presented.

The process that Facttreker uses to check a claim is simple and clear.

  1. We Identify a PremiseVertical Swimlane Diagram
  2. We list supporting Facts
  3. We write an Opinion

Facttreker, “treks” through the facts and presents these facts to the reader in a way that is separate from the Opinion of the Author.  We do this so that the reader can form their Own Opinion absent of confusion and bias.

Facttreker also encourages input from the community and understands that in order to get to the truth, outside input and other facts are paramount. Please emails us or post relevant facts that we may have overlooked or not included in our Fact Checks.

We are committed to reveal the TRUTH even if it is in conflict with our own wishes or personal desires.