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Facts presented show – mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in Jake Flint’s death inconclusive

Country Singers Death Not Related to COVID 19 Vaccine 1
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Based on the evidence presented by, one cannot conclude if the COVID-19 vaccine played a role in Jake Flint’s death.

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Factcheck.ORG attempted to refute several posts on social media that “insinuated” that Jake Flint died as a result of taking the vaccine and that this inference is NOT true. With the recent release of the controversial documentary “Died Suddenly”, there have been a lot of unsubstantiated claims that the vaccine is killing people. The documentary lays a foundation, by conjecture of facts, that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are leading to the recent rise in “all cause mortality” around the world. There have been a lot of people drawing this yet to be proven conclusion. published a the above article refuting the unproven claims.

RELEVANT FACTS (PRESENTED BY FACTCHECK.ORG) references 2 points of fact to prove their claim that Flint did NOT die from complications related to the COVID mRNA vaccine. The facts they offered are as follows

PRESENTED FACT 1.          5% of the population has been vaccinated.

PRESENTED FACT 2.         The vaccines produced by Pfizer/BioNTech,Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Novavax were all tested and determined to be safe and that side effects “usually” occur within a few days of taking the vaccine.


If one accepts these two facts one can logically conclude that Flint’s death cannot be proven to be related to the COVID vaccines. Therefore, if had stated “There is no proof that a Country Singer’s Death is Related to COVID-19 vaccines”, it would have been a true statement. However, they stated “Country Singer’s Death NOT Related to COVID-19 vaccines”. They have failed to prove it is NOT related but rather only have proved that it cannot be stated that it is related. The way the title of this “fact check” it titled is what as known as a fallacy of logic. The “false cause” argument suggests that it cannot be proved Flint’s death is related to the vaccines. However, it does not prove that it is not related to the vaccines. Based on the facts presented by, it cannot be stated one way or the other if Flint’s death was related to the COVID-19 vaccines. However, is correct to say that no evidence has been presented that proves Flint’s death is related to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.



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