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the Spook

Position: Intelligence

He met Mr. Eugene in grad school and wanted to throw him off a balcony. Mercy stayed his hand. Generations of seagulls were born and died between then and the establishment of Facttreker. The Spook has a mystique about him in that any beach that he walks becomes clothing-optional nobody can explain it. Dolphins arrive and swim with him, but claims that he is Chuck Norris are patently false. He has a graduate degree from the Naval Postgraduate school and the fancy California university where he met Mr. Eugene. He’s the author of fiction and non-fiction. His hands-on experience in sensitive intelligence collection and tradecraft, foreign espionage and sabotage, counter-terrorism, infiltration, information exploitation, management of asset identification, recruitment, and development in operational settings and his ability to pass a broad scope polygraph over and over again, make him a perfect match for involvement with the world’s first logic-based fact checking website.

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