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Pop Quiz #1 Who said this…?

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Written by Mr. Eugene


“…we don’t have enough vaccines, we don’t have enough police officers, and now we are going to debate over the next three week, gay marriage, a flag amendment, and God only knows what else.  I can’t believe the American people can’t see through this. We already have a law known as the Defense of Marriage Act, we all voted on it and it states that marriage is between a man and a woman and the states must respect that. Nobody has violated that law and there has been no challenge to that law. Why do we need a constitutional amendment for this? Marriage is between a man and a woman!…”

Pop Quiz adds fun to the fact trekking adventure. It allows our community to have fun and keep track of small facts and trivia in the world of fact checking.


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Mr. Eugene is an actual scientist with real world experience in international business, politics and governments. The master of all trades and the jack of none. One score and eight years ago, he graduated from a major University in a place formally known for its beauty and weather, California. He studied biology, physics, chemistry, and advanced mathematics. He was born in the USA, lived in Europe and Asia for the better part of the last twenty years. Mr. Eugene speaks multiple languages well but none perfectly. Ventures in real estate, tech, as well as founded and owned a manufacturing facility in Asia for OEM electronics and plastics. His vast experience in business and tech combined with his science background has nearly driven him insane. Now tortured and plagued by his natural inclination to use logic in his thinking, he has decided to further aggravate himself to the benefit of the public by developing Facttreker, the world’s first logic-based fact checking website.

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